✭ Limited Prestige Edition ✭

VESA Precision™ Gaming Mousepad Prestige Edition

$ 20.00 NZD
The Exclusive, Limited Edition, VESA Precision™ Prestige Edition Mousepad provides you with the pinpoint accuracy and control needed to flex on your opponents. Made of high quality materials, it is durable, washable, doesn't fray at the edges, and is perfect to take to LAN parties. Limited to 20 units, this mousepad variant will never be produced again.
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Stitched Edges

It doesn't take long for standard mousepads to start fraying at the edges, leaving annoying fabric peeling away from the base. With the VESA PrecisionMousepad, the stitched edges prevent fraying, so you never have to worry.

Game Anywhere

The 3mm thickness of the mousepad reduces bumps from crumbs or table gaps, while the textured rubber base has strong grip which stops the mousepad from sliding allowing you to game on any surface. This also means its perfect to take to LAN parties where the table you end up playing on can be less than ideal. After you've done gaming and inevitably snacking, the mousepad is washable, so you can rinse the dorito crumbs and mountain dew stains right out.


- Prestige colouring and added logo.

- Non-slip rubber base

- Anti-Fray stitched edging

- Smooth cloth surface for better mouse control

- Width: 35cm

- Length: 25cm

- Height: 3mm

✭ Limited Prestige Edition ✭

VESA Precision™ Gaming Mousepad Prestige Edition

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