Biggie II

August 23, 2019 8:00 PM
Aug 25, 2019

The biggest Smash tournament of 2018 returns for a Bigger, Breezier edition!

From the organisers of 2018's "Biggie Breezy" comes aneven bigger and more ambitious event, Biggie II. Hosted at Victoria Uni

More details on the official Biggie II registration page


Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers to play. Do note that Super Smash Bros Melee and Project M will be played on Nintendo Wii’s and Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be played on Nintendo Switches, so make sure your controller of choice is compatible with these consoles. Players are encouraged to provide setups including consoles, monitors for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and CRT TV’s for Super Smash Bros Melee and Project M.

Entry Fee

$25 venue fee. $5 per game.


All main tournaments are open entry, ie anyone can enter them and thereare no restrictions. They are double elimination brackets, and you can findmore about the format here Side events have their specialised formats which will be disclosed later.


Anyone can enter. No restrictions apply.

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