League of Legends

NZ University Masters 2020

August 22, 2020 7:00 PM
Oct 25, 2020

NZUM 2020

Starts: Saturday 22nd August

Ends: Sunday 25th October (latest possible date)


Best-of-three matches to be played starting at 7pm Thursdays and Saturdays every week.

Specific game starting time can be negotiated with captains from other teams.

Prize Pool:


Entry Fee:

None. It is free.

Sign-up format:

Full team signup

Teams must have at least 4 active university students at their representing university to 

be eligible to play.


Entirely an online tournament.

Depending on signup numbers there will be either one or two groups; in the case of over 12 teams signing up we will run a "high mmr" and "open" tournament to improve average game fairness.

Single round robin (or Swiss tournament) into semi-finals & finals bracket stage.

Signup cut-off:

11:59pm Wednesday 19th August